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The Virtual World
To Reshape The Future
Of Startups

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We have successfully conducted
workshop and one-on-one session
with Adam Draper on September 13th
and October 2nd, 2019 respectively.


About Us

We are the early adopters,hardcore gamers and believers in the new world that is going to be altered by virtual reality technology and 3D environments transforming how we interact and build businesses.

Our special focus is on startups and founders and what they feel and deal with while building their companies. Whether it is organizing virtual gatherings, demo days, educational programs or meeting founders from all around the world, Vriendly makes it possible to create experiences.


Discover, Learn, Socialize.

Vriendly's infinite multi-theme rooms and 3D customized environment with specific toolkit enables users to hold effective sessions in a meaningful way. We believe that whether it is drawing and texting on a beautifully designed whiteboard, sharing, uploading and downloading files instantly through sessions or engaging with each other, it creates meaningful experience to learn and enjoy.

Spatial audio makes this process super natural and there is no difference between the real world. And this is not the end of what can be experienced. Users can go off the sessions and explore the virtual city of Vriendly with their customized avatars. They can learn, engage, work and most importantly feel how special one can become.

Here at Vriendly, each of you can become your own "Ready Player One" or "Marty McFly" and build amazing futuristic experiences with unique tools and try that were inaccessible to the previous generation. Whether you own an Oculus Quest, Rift or just using your personal computer you may become the “citizen of the new world” at Vriendly. Think creatively and build your own metaverse!


Competitive Advantages

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P2P learning

We believe that peer-2-peer education is one of the effective ways to learn by making mistakes without hesitation. We are born to make mistakes and that what makes human being stronger.

Affordable budget

We put innovation, education and creating new things on top of everything. Vriendly makes you less worried about costs.

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Whether it is space travel, team meetings or playing games with friends, Vriendly has everything you need to feel relaxed.

Device agnostic

We believe in no limitations. Use your device or VR headset to explore Vriendly and create your own experience.

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There are thousands of like-minded people globally. Engage, create and share experiences on your own metaverse.

Zero Social distance

Organize any kind of event whether formal or informal and never stop being active and social even you if you do not have a startup yet. Vriendly liberates the life of founders.


Idea formation phase

We started on April, 2018 and the chosen path for development stage was bringing educational content into VR for users until we started to talk to first customers and partners.

MVP development phase

Our developers worked for nearly 2 months and built intial version of the product - that meets minimal requirements.

Public alpha phase

3D voice, peer-to-peer interaction,essential presentation tools and other features were developed in just 45 days. This stage was special with the first VR workshop and 1:1 by Adam Draper for startups and entrepreneurs. It is the transition to the stage where customer acquisition and B2B sales happened.

Customer validation phase

Being device agnostic and flexible in adopting to customer needs, B2B sales deals with Edumedia and Ministry of Education, Barattson professional training center, Interpolymech Russia and DMZ accelerator from Canada were closed which showed potential market need.

Closed beta phase

Ongoing development of the product is a priority for this stage and focus is redirected accordingly. Customer acquisitions, adding new features and refining existing ones are on the top of the operation cycle until March, 2020.

Public launch

We believe that combination of education,entrepreneurship and virtual reality in a multiplayer environment is what will transform the lives of people. We plan the public launch at the end of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021.

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Happy Customers


Our Team

Discover, Learn, Socialize.
Ulvi Nasibli


CEO | Co-Founder

Kamran Gurbanly


CTO | Co-Founder

Sominder Singh


Investor Relations

Yagub Mehdiyev


Creative Director | Co-Founder

Ruslan Gurbanov


Senior Unity Developer | Co-Founder

Faiq Rustamov


Front-end Developer

Eldaniz Babayev


AI Engineer | Back-end Developer

Our Partners